I’m not a fan of fads such as “artisan bread in-a-minute-and-a-half”. It suggests to me that people don’t really want to engage with bread making or get a feel for working with dough.

But what do you do on Saturday night when you’re down to crusts for Sunday breakfast?

Strong Bread Flour  342g  100%
Water  268g  78.2%
Starter  86g  25%
Salt  5g  1.5%

Stir the ingredients to make a wet dough, then stir about 20 times. Repeat the 20 stirs after about 5 minutes and again after a further 5 minutes.

Oil a smaller bowl, scape in the dough, cover and leave until morning.

When the church bells awake you turn on the oven to about 220/230C, oil a 36cmx26cm rimmed baking tin, turn the dough out onto it and, with oiled fingers gently stretch the dough out to the edges. Have a coffee, check the emails. Make an emulsion by whisking together a tablespoon of oil oil, the same of cold water and a teaspoon of salt.

When the oven is up to heat, dimple the dough with oiled fingers, spoon over the emulsion and bake for 20-25 minutes.

Not only do you get breakfast but also instant breadsticks to go with lunch.

One thought on “Focaccia

  1. I love it. You are an amazing baker. If I win the lottery, I will come and tell you in person! If not, you need to come stateside!

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