A Confusion of Slashes

As promised, a couple of photos from last week’s bake.

1. Two shelves from my Blueseal oven. Same as in my previous post – the open slashes were on the lower shelf:
What it does show is my crap technique; I obviously drag the blade downwards towards me making the slash deeper at the near end. I use a serrated bread knife for this type of slash.

2. From my domestic oven. This will really confuse you because with this oven I swap the loaves between shelves after about 20 minutes.
The two at the back started on the lower shelf and were later moved to the top. This oven gets a very light spray at the start of baking.

Draw your own conclusions.

2 thoughts on “A Confusion of Slashes

  1. It’s totally impractical for a commercial enterprise of any size but I just bake for the family and (except for bagettes which don’t fit) I use Sour Dom’s idea of baking in a big, heavy, covered roasting tin or heavy casserole. I get fabulous oven spring and great slashes. Just slide the slashed loaf into the preheated casserole, spritz it with water, cover with the lid and don’t open it for 25 or 30 minutes, then uncover to finish baking and browning.

    1. Well, there is the Sullivan Street Bakery in New York that bakes on a large scale in casseroles.

      We had the pleasure of Dom & his family’s company at the first Bethesdabakin’ back in 2007.

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