A Bit of News

Well, not much really. At the moment my life seems totally taken up with baking and organising Bethesdabakin’5, the fifth of our annual baking events, which is now only two weeks away. So maybe in a couple of weeks time I will become normal again. Maybe.

In the meantime here is a photo of what Marc Brion, the great baker of Biganos on the Bassin d’Arcachon, calls Fougassette for you to ponder:
It’s a very soft dough full of chopped black olives with a big dollop of tomato sauce and anchovy inside. They don’t last long.

Also, due to public demand (thank you Marcus) I’ve just posted a new page containing the article I wrote for the Real Bread Campaign’s True Loaf magazine. I’m not actually a member and am not wholely convinced but, as Chris Young, their project worker, is coming to Bethesdabakin’, maybe I shall have more to say later.

Plus, 150 copies of Bethesdabasics now sold. When Bethesdabakin’ is out of the way I shall be able to finish the next book, Microbakin’.

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