Shepherd’s Pie – for Jeremy

Well, Jeremy’s always posting pictures of very chefie food on the Stir the Pots blog. So here’s some peasant food for him:

A humble shepherd’s pie. But it was made with the remains of yesterdays Pierna de Carnero Adobada – lamb stuffed with raisins and almonds in a sauce with ancho and mulato chiles. I threw in a chipotle and some long, thin chiles the name of which had rubbed off the packet. It was pretty good. Plus, I have made wheat tortillas for thirty years, but I got out the tortilla press and ran up some corn tortillas for the first time. I was pretty pleased with myself.

Best wishes.

One thought on “Shepherd’s Pie – for Jeremy

  1. Pleasanty peasant fare my man! You definitely need a few tankards of ale or something with that too!

    Cheers, and up both your legs, you and Sue!


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