Mr Lepard’s Conjoined

Conjoined quins of D. Lepard’s very fine Potato, Rosemary and Black Onion Seed bread:

According to our Asian grocer, the Qur’an says that black onion seed cures all ills so that some people take a little every day.

Also made yesterday, the celebrated Seigle d’Auvergne:

All neat and spivvy in their shiny clingfilm suits.

5 thoughts on “Mr Lepard’s Conjoined

  1. It’s strange here. It’s been raining all day but the nights for the last few weeks have been too warm without being worthy of comment. I want to go back to France.

    Anyway, everything being preordered, it’s all spoken for …

  2. I know you are only American but it’s they’re not there.

    How you doing, old friend?

    Fancy Bethesda in 2011?

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