I was trying to construct a link along the lines of retirement/bed/couche, but never mind. Instead of starting at 5.00 a.m. I saunter out of bed at 6.00 a.m. 6.50 a.m. ten large tomato breads with sundried tomato in the couche. 7.50 a.m. twenty in the couche: 8.50 a.m. twenty four in the couche and […]

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Beet This

It all started when I was making Vampiros for a Halloween special. Vampiros, as you know, is a spicy adaption of Tomato Bread with Sundried Tomatoes – add smoked paprika, chile and a good whack of tequila to the tomato sauce. This year I wanted to find a way of getting the dough a brilliant […]

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