Asian Fusion?

So I said to Gert, Chef/Proprietor of Oren in Caernarfon, “What you doing next week?” (He changes his menu every week) “Sort of Asian Fusion.” he says. “What bread would you like?” “Laputabrot.” Swedish Spiced Laputabrot to give it its full title, packed with golden syrup, sunflower oil, anise and fennel seed. Can’t see the […]

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Bread Tasting

All roads lead to Bethesda as the Druids used to say. And so it was that Rick and Maggie Coldman – Mair’s Bakehouse¬† – came to lunch en route from Hamburg to Cwmduad bearing a big bag of goodies from German bakeries. The pastries got scoffed for breakfast before the camera came out but look […]

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Le Pain Quotidien (2)

Flying in formation – Nina’s Danish Peasant Bread. She is a great blender of flours. This one is mainly wholemeal rye with some white and wholemeal wheat + 120% white levain. Nestling in the top is Phoebe the dog’s share and a small Simple Danish Rye taster (another Nina recipe), left-over dough from this week’s […]

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BVM (Bethesda Virgin Mary)

It was only a mini baguette made from a bit of left-over Normandy Rye Cider dough, but when I came to cut it for my ‘umble baker’s lunch, there it was: the face of the Bethesda Virgin Mary (the Laughing Virgin) staring straight back at me. Put me right off. I had beans on toast […]

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