Dutch Potato Bread

I bake for Gert,  a Dutch chef, most weeks. His pop-up restaurants prowl the world for different cuisines which makes for an interesting baking life. He kept telling me about a collection of a dozen or so sourdough recipes he had, the problem being that they were in Dutch. He kept promising to translate them for me, not finding the time, losing the recipes until one day, as he put it “I found them again, this time ‘hammered nails with heads’ and immediately translated them. Hope you can make some sense out of it.”

That ominous last sentence was not without reason. They were just a little vague and what you might call approximate. The only consistent factor was they all began “One liter sourdough” – no hydration specified. Basically I had to rework them all.

This is one of the less weird ones although it’s more of a cheese bread than a potato bread and note the 125% starter.
dutch potato cropUsual procedure: mix all the ingredients, short knead method, ferment four hours or overnight in the fridge. Shape, three and a half hours prove. Bake 50 minutes at 210C.
spud 001 smallspud crumb 001 smallspud crumb 002 small

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