Christmas Special

For a limited period, an amazing special offer. The perfect Christmas present for the baker in your life (of course, that could be you, yourself!)


Pdf’s of the brand new, yet-to-be-launched, totally revised “Sourdough: your guidebook to the world of Naturally Leavened Bread”, “Microbakin’: Baking Bread for Sale at Home”, plus “Sourdough: The Breadsheets”, all of the bread formulas from “Sourdough” in spreadsheet form. This allows you to change bread weights, calculate ingredient and starter weights, add your own bread formulas, develop your own formulas, calculate bakers’ percentage, etc.

All supplied on a 4gb USB memory stick

Plus a choice of three cards upon which to write your greeting:

A vintage Bethesdabakers “Ho, Ho, Ho” Christmas Card:
A single “Ho”ho-ho-ho-1-smallOr an anti-festive “Humbug!!!” from Legs the bakery cat:
humbug-smallAll for an amazing £20.00 including free UK postage.

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