85% Extraction – I Think …

Learn Yourself Milling is progressing slowly. This loaf is a first attempt at sifted and blended flour – I think 85% extraction. Added a couple of hi-tech devices to my kit; two sieves, 80 & 60 microns. The mill is beautifully simple. The top section, which acts as a hopper for the grain, unscrews to […]

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T for Texas

Like a lot of other things I haven’t done lately, I haven’t made wheat tortillas. There always used to be a pile of them in the freezer. But the last few times I’ve made them I’ve been dissatisfied – they seem too dry to me and tend to crack when folded. Previous version and story […]

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Something For the Weekend?

Brioche Buns – I used to sell these in packs of four occasionally but there’s more profit and less work in selling the full loaf. These are light and delicious and robust – they don’t fall apart as burger buns and are just what the tired baker needs for a weekend brunch. Hadn’t baked them […]

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Yeah, it’s another boule BUT this one’s historic! Aah, retirement … I’m not sure if it’s possible for real bakers to retire. Even if they stop selling to customers they get the itch to be trying something new. Earlier in the year I started researching coca doughs and the furthest I got was to assemble […]

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Been baking mini-baguettes of late – all part of adapting to being a mere domestic baker again (even if it has been 18 months already). Great for breakfast; crisp and chewy. And you all know how to revive an aging baguette? Heat the oven to max, run the baguette under the cold tap, bake for […]

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Corn Bread

Sometimes things are less than perfect but still have their good points. Yet another post lock-down event – Sue’s long standing reading group, who have kept going for the last two years on Zoom, finally had a face-to-face celebration on Saturday with a lunch gathering in Annie’s garden. Amazingly the weather behaved for the duration. […]

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Blood on The Bollards!

As you might have noticed, I’m trying not to let you forget we had a few days in Paris last month. Day Two, Sue’s birthday we had lunch at the excellent Brasserie Balzar. There is a reason I didn’t crop the Pharmacie out of the photo. We were walking up the appropriately named rue de […]

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The oven At Moro

The days from Saturday 14 May were momentous for us. Having hardly stuck our noses out of the door for two years we took buses to Caernarfon for the Food Festival, went to the Newen Afrobeat gig in Bethesda that evening (still don’t quite believe it happened), and by the end of the week we […]

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Rome – Day #?

I have a problem with reading instructions which partly dates from the time I realised bread baking is basically pretty simple and, if you have a method that works for you, you can apply it to virtually any bread formula that comes your way. No point in adopting a new method for each and every […]

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Couronne Bordelaise 2022

The spectacular looking Couronne Bordelaise is quite easy to make if you have a couronne banneton and know a couple of tricks. Unless you are a specialist baker (in Bordeaux) you wouldn’t expect to shift much in terms of volume but the odd one would look great as a centrepiece if you were catering for […]

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