Dydd Dewi Sant 2022

Ist March – Saint David’s Day once again New version of Focaccia Dewi Sant this year. 400g 80% hydration dough, a mere 24 hours old, pressed and stretched in a 20cm square tin. Who needs Caerffili cheese when we have our own Cosyn Cymru Olwyn Fawr cut in small cubes, scattered and pressed into the […]

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Of Saints & Beetroot

Aren’t you supposed to have a gentle day on a Monday if you are retired (and tired) and there are no great committments and there’s practically a full week before your income tax returns have to go in? That was the intention but (bread) jobs started to line up right from the git-go. First and […]

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Pot Black (lid Yellow)

This stylish black ceramic casserole with its sweet yellow lid was part of my Christmas present from Sue. I’ve always had a weakness for ceramic pots that can be used directly on a gas hob – the food cooks differently and more gently – flavours seem to be richer and more rounded. Here’s a few […]

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1st 100% Rye in the Pico

100% wholemeal rye is strange, primeval, wonderful stuff. It doesn’t seem to have any connection with wheat bread and, in my book, it’s a mistake to try to treat it as though it does. I developed my own baking method years ago: very hot oven for 15 minutes followed by 45 minutes moderate heat, then […]

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3 Kings Bread

Every five years, just after New Year, I think, “When’s Epiphany?” and then, “Rosca de Reyes!” and then, “Is it Mexican or Spanish?” and then “Which book does it come from?”. Just look at this post from January 2017. The situation is exactly the same this year. I write out the formula OK and think […]

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christmas: the last two slices

A couple of years back my Christmas bake looked like this. This year I baked two Brioche de Noel and two Torth Nadolig. One of each went to friends and this is what remains. They both lead a double life. On the right, Brioche de Noel which in other circumstances features as Brioche Provencale. A […]

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Sausage +garlic

Lunch Monday before Christmas? Dough already in the fridge 36hrs? Three spare sausages looking for a role (or a roll)? Gotta be Peter Reinhart’s Garlic Lovers Italian Sausage – deep pan pizza. 300C top and bottom, 17 minutes 35 seconds.

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Irish Stew

The antidote to Storm Barra which is battering us for a second day. Lovely gentle and simple recipe from Barney Desmazery on BBC Good Food. I used scrag-end and pearled spelt in the absense of barley. 90 minutes @ 150C top and bottom in the Pico. In the fridge over-night and reheated as the rain […]

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It do say “Bulleit Bourbon Frontier Whiskey” but in fact it’s the first edition of Bethesdabakers Red Wine Vinegar. Boy was it hard work to make. I had to put some good quality raw cider vinegar in the bottom of a large preserving jar and add odd bits of red wine till there was a […]

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