Bored With Boules?

Just fancied a change. Not sure what you would call it – 800g Big Baguette? Big Bâtard? (known a few of them …). Whatever it is it’s a bit of a mongrel – Pain de Campagne formula but using Shiptons bread flour with 15% Gilchesters bran. So the 502g in the formula becomes 427g bread […]

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Santes Dwynwen 2023

Click for formula This year I gave the apricots a serious overnight soaking in mead. This and the amount of olive oil in the formula made the loaves feel very heavy. But, despite my fears, the cut slices were really (too) easy to eat. Could have served them with custard …

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Breakfast # 37

This year’s Rosca de Reyes, Epiphany bread. In Jesus’ time there were three wise kings unlike the male members of our own dear royal family. Formula here if you missed it last time. Senility is setting in. I poured the melted butter into the milk and then realised I’d read the flour weight for the […]

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Rear View

As a matter of principle I only ever take photographs from the front doorstep – with the flexibility of maybe a couple of meters either side. When you have a view like this, the light shifting all the time, what else would you do? But today I did something radical: a highly technical shot that […]

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New Grain

Major step forward on the milling front. About five years ago I bought a 25K sack of wheat grain from Doves and I finally milled the last of it. Amazing how well it keeps. But now I’m finally getting a little more organised/disciplined. It only takes about 8 minutes to mill a kilo of grain. […]

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Pork Belly Pizza

Like a lot of towns and villages Bethesda’s Stryd Fawr (High Street) is dead. Not sure if it’s anyone’s fault – no point in going on about it – it’s the way it is. Maybe even worse is the state of the City of Bangor where stretches of the High Street (the longest in Wales) […]

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Bobby Charles

The highlight of our holiday, the first in four years, was ordering a second-hand CD and finding it on the doormat when we arrived home. Some of this information might have trickled down to you but, we had five weeks booked in France, in Arcachon where we have been holidaying for 40-odd years, in a […]

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You see dat? Dat costs £235.00. Wot do you think of dat? Over the years (and I mean a lot of years) we have been buying Le Creuset – I don’t mean collecting, that’s another thing altogether. Couple of things were wedding presents 40 odd years ago, couple more were bought full price from Habitat […]

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Watch This Space

My sister Mary wanted to come and see us at two day’s notice and, given the vagueries of North Wales bus services, would only be able to stay for about three hours. Sounds like pizza to me, Hadn’t baked pizza for a few weeks and went for the Pinsa dough posted some time back – […]

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