Bread Course

David Lea-Wilson, of Halen Môn/Anglesey Sea Salt, is a happy boy at the end of his bread course yesterday. ” Loved the course – freezer not big enough… ” he emailed later in the day. He was also a lucky boy because a good friend bought him the course as a present. Well, People, Christmas […]

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Breakfast #48

Never had any ambition to make “authentic” French baguettes. I just make smallish, 200g baguettes using my basic Campagne dough and very popular they are too. They’re about the only bread that doesn’t improve by standing overnight – get ’em down you and, if they’re still around the next day, give them a blast in […]

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A Burst of Activity

For the last five months I’ve been suffering with a severely ulcerated leg. I’ve been in compression dressings since June and, to tell you the truth, it has not been funny. Finally it has started to show signs of healing, I’ve been able to ditch the pain killers and the brain is showing mild signs […]

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Eatin’ Bread

Saturday August Bank Holiday weekend and, right on cue, the sun was out and hot. Hardly any bread in the house so went to that old standby a 2 Kilo Pain de Campagne – one quarter for the shelf, three quarters for the freezer. In the heat the dough was so lively I knocked an […]

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Chestnut/Quince Brioche III

Third attempt, first bake for customers – really pretty happy. This time cracked the decoration. Single slash down the middle when the dough went into the box. This opened up during the prove so a slice of membrillo could sit comfortably in the slot. Yes I’m pretty satisfied with that.

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