Drinkies II – Hot Whisky

Sometimes, like now when the weather turns colder, an extra little boost is needed. The only heated alcoholic drink I like is a proper Hot Whisky (the worst of all is Mulled Wine – yuck!). You need a robust tumbler that is not going to crack with the thermal shock of boiling water and a […]

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Drinkies 01 – Negroni

The Negroni is probably my favourite cocktail. I don’t like sweet drinks and there doesn’t seem to be much point to a cocktail unless it’s strong. The Negroni is bitter and strong and has the virtue of being simple – just three main ingredients, Campari, Gin, and Vermouth (plus a good shake of Angostura). I […]

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Vladbread IV – The Final Spurt

Well, after all the trial runs and prepping, this week Vladbread went live (or at least undead). Rick & Maggie (Mair’s Bakehouse) suggested their cheesey short-crust pastry for the Skull & Crossbones because the unleavened dough was too tough. The pastry was really nice but a bit too fragile. Had to keep cleaning the skull’s […]

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Vladbread III

Avast Behind! What a motley crew! Adjustments continue as Halloween approaches This is more or less what I’m after. This time I made the skull & crossbones from a pâte morte (unleavened dough) and baked them in advance. Too hard – might try shortcrust pastry next time. Also made a few tiddlers at 80g. The […]

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Transylvanian Vladbread II

With Halloween fast approaching, in the quest for a way of weaponising my prototype Vladbread so that it actually looks a bit scary, I pulled out my trusty skull and crossbones biscuit cutter. This week’s customer flatbread is Courgette & Parmesan so I hijacked a spare and cut out the shape from a bit of […]

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Transylvanian Vladbread

Not sure I really want to get involved in this. Halloween is an American thing that has been imported into the UK to provide yet another of the commercial Feast Days our economy has come to depend on now that we don’t produce things anymore – except for acres of black plastic tat and pumpkins […]

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Cheddar & Jalapeños

I “inherited” a pile of Brefu Bach from Carrie Rimes maker of superb ewes cheese – Cosyn Cymru. She had some that were turning blue so she suggested I used them in breads for the local bank holiday food fair. I made cheese and grape foccaccia and packaged them in quarters, £1.00 a time. What’s […]

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Bethesdabakin’ Bubble?

Yes, you do recognise the face lurking behind the focaccia. It’s Rick, in Bethesda, last Friday. The 14th annual Bethesdabakin’ weekend should have taken place at Rick & Maggie’s 17th of last month. But, of course, Covid … Sue and I have been self-isolating, Rick and Maggie have been self-isolating, we absolutely trust each other […]

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Yesterday’s Bread 29.07.20

Some of yesterday’s bread. Straight 100% Wholemeal Wheat (if you exclude the white starter). Don’t think you can beat basic breads. Oat & Honey. One of the stars of the repertoire. Focaccia Yr Ardd Fadarch (The Mushroom Garden). The star of the show – I honestly think this is my best bread ever. Cynan’s fabulous […]

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