New Grain

Major step forward on the milling front. About five years ago I bought a 25K sack of wheat grain from Doves and I finally milled the last of it. Amazing how well it keeps.

But now I’m finally getting a little more organised/disciplined. It only takes about 8 minutes to mill a kilo of grain. But you need a clear work surface, lots of containers, two passes through the sieves, clear-up time + returning the junk that was originally on the work surface so that the kitchen looks back to normal. It’s so tempting just to open a bag of flour …

But no! Yesterday we started on the new stock of the famous Gilchesters grain from Northumberland.

At this stage, all I can say is the dough handled differently. I used a mix of 85% of the twice sieved flour + 15% bran. Early days but really happy with the first try. The flavour is deep and quite malty.

The near slice is from the last of the Doves baked a couple of days earlier. The Gilchesters is quite a bit darker.

Can’t beat basic bread …

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