Paella & Things

Today, completely unplanned, I made a seafood paella with stuff from the freezer – raw crevettes, a squid and a bit of cod fillet + prawn stock – always make some when you shell prawns.

Plus a couple of new acquisitions: caramelised piquilo and ñoras, both as a paste. Teaspoon of each in your soffrito gives some depth to the flavour.

I’m not bragging but this was a bloody good meal and I was left thinking where I could get the equivalent quality round here and at what price. I quite fancied going out to lunch tomorrow – but where? Spent an hour on the internet. Hardly any restaurants give clear simple information about when they’re open never mind what’s on the menu. Eventually I gave up.

Home cooked steak/frites tomorrow I think.

No, this isn’t Nasa’s new moon rocket. It’s Jamie Oliver’s tomato ketchup and he’s not wrong in suggesting it’s great with steak/frites. Again, all the ingredients were in the cupboard (bit lucky with the fennel).

It’s great to do it yourself but I really fancy a good local restaurant without having to go to Chester or Liverpool …

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