Dydd Dewi Sant 2022

Ist March – Saint David’s Day once again

New version of Focaccia Dewi Sant this year.

400g 80% hydration dough, a mere 24 hours old, pressed and stretched in a 20cm square tin. Who needs Caerffili cheese when we have our own Cosyn Cymru Olwyn Fawr cut in small cubes, scattered and pressed into the dough. Three hour prove. Two pans of finely sliced leeks (Mentor Pandy) and red onions cooked and cooled. Then placed on the dough in alternate heaps.

Baked in the Pico for about 18 minutes, 300C top & bottom. Grated Olwyn Fawr added half way through.

Not the prettiest but delicious …

A sausage, some morcilla and home-made Guinness wholegrain mustard …

That reminds me – not long to Saint Patrick’s – suddenly come over all religious.

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