It do say “Bulleit Bourbon Frontier Whiskey” but in fact it’s the first edition of Bethesdabakers Red Wine Vinegar.

Boy was it hard work to make. I had to put some good quality raw cider vinegar in the bottom of a large preserving jar and add odd bits of red wine till there was a good quantity in the jar. Then I put the jar in a dark cupboard and sat and waited for about three months. The hardest part was finding left-over red wine – tends to get all used up in this household.

Anyway, the whiskey bottle had just become vacant so I filled it with most of the vinegar, used the rest to start a new batch.

Standing along side of it in a pretty undistinguished squeezy bottle is the second edition of Bethesdabakers Tomato Ketchup. Never used his stuff before but this is a Jamie Oliver recipe and it’s really good. Pretty hard labour compared with the vinegar. Chopping and cooking, pureeing and sieving twice (to make it glossy). But worth the effort. Quite easy to find the recipe on the net.

So Sunday lunch we had Texas Jalepeno Fried Chicken with coleslaw and skinny(ish) chips anointed with the vinegar and ketchup. And for me, a boost from:

a welcome gift from Kev.

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