Pico 2

Week Two with the Pico – continuing the search for serious results.

Nina’s Bread with Dark Beer (940g dough weight, strong bread 63%, rye 31%, spelt 6%, hydration 66% (Guinness 52%/Water 14%)) https://thepartisanbaker.com/ninas-bread-with-dark-beer/ – the rye and spelt %’s are swapped in the original formula.

At last, a loaf that’s starting to look like my idea of bread – 250C top, 210C bottom, 15 minutes steam, 50 minutes bake.

Then a comic interlude – baguettes. Totally unknown territory in this oven from having to peel them in to guessing the settings.

I’ve only ever made small 200g baguettes using my Campagne dough. I peeled them in two at a time using a narrow cheese board and the first two didn’t go completely onto the stone and needed a bit of poking about resulting the the wonky shapes.

250C top, 300C bottom, 7 minutes steam, 15 minutes bake.

Suffered a touch of burnt bottom but for a first bash I was well pleased.

Couldn’t have achieved such light, crisp baguettes in my convection oven.

Back to a 940g Campagne in the search for the perfect settings. Top 250C, bottom 200C, 15 minutes steam, 50 minutes bake.

Almost there – just needs more bottom.

Yesterday I baked another with the bottom up to 220C and I was actually pleased with the result. Can’t show you a photo because it’s gone to live in South Wales with Rick & Maggie (Mair’s Bakehouse).

Rick thinks the Pico is sweet. The Pico’s sole is 46 x 38 cm, Rick’s masonry oven 213 x 152 cm …

So. until I change my mind again, the standard is 250C top, 220C bottom, 15 minutes steam, 50 minutes bake

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