Mixed Feelings

Fixed bowl, no wheels, 90 Kilos – I’m too old to be dragging this thing around. But yesterday I hauled it out of it’s lair under the counter on two bits of cardboard and spent an hour and a half cleaning it. It’s going to a new home with Sarah Thornber at Corner Cottage Bakery in Kineton, West Midlands.

It was the first serious bit of kit I bought 14 years ago when I was still baking out of of a single domestic oven four loaves at a time. I needed a bigger oven more but – special half price offer £500. The oven had to wait.

I cursed it more as I got older, getting down on my knees to clean the bowl (and getting back up again!) and dragging it out to clean underneath. But it has been totally reliable – will chug away all day at it’s own (single) speed.

The only big panic was when a student pushed the red button to stop the mixer in the middle of a big mix session instead of just lifting the guard. Not realising what he’d done, half an hour was wasted trying to work out why it wouldn’t start (the red button has to be reset after being pushed). I’d forgotten there even was a red button …

So, just have to drag it another ten feet to the front door when the time comes.

And the mixer’s lair is going to be occpied by a … tumble dryer

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