Continuing with Peter Reinhart’s Perfect Pan Pizza: Garlic Lovers’ Italian Sausage.

Experimenting with baking pan pizza in cake rings. My patent spreadsheet dough calculator tells me I need 135.7g for a 6″ ring and 377g for the 10″ (after reducing his quantities by a third).

The dough has been maturing in the fridge for a couple of days. Pressed out by dimpling with olive oil with half the cheese cubed and pressed into the dough at the start of a few hours prove. The rustic buns on the right are from the same dough. See here.

Layer of remaining cheese cubes, layer of sliced garlic in olive oil, layer of part-cooked sausage.

Baked for getting on for 20 minutes at 240C adding a few squirts of pizza sauce at half time and finishing with a sprinkle of oregano. Note the larger one leaked a bit – buckled cake ring!

Pretty happy with the outcome. The crust is fabulous and better for being reduced.

This is a book I would recommend. It manages to be frivolous and serious at the same time. It’s made me think a lot about my doughs.

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