Breakfast #48

Never had any ambition to make “authentic” French baguettes. I just make smallish, 200g baguettes using my basic Campagne dough and very popular they are too. They’re about the only bread that doesn’t improve by standing overnight – get ’em down you and, if they’re still around the next day, give them a blast in a hot oven.

Raisin Challah: I suppose you could say this was a single braid challah. I was intending to make a turban but this dough is so stiff I got bored of trying to roll it long enough and plonked it in a long banneton. So it’s more of a big batard (940g dough weight).

When it was proved I noticed that the seam was opening slightly so I baked it upside down to allow the seam to open further in the oven heat – no need for slashing.

Whatever, it’s a fine breakfast bread and an old favourite.

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