Eatin’ Bread

Saturday August Bank Holiday weekend and, right on cue, the sun was out and hot. Hardly any bread in the house so went to that old standby a 2 Kilo Pain de Campagne – one quarter for the shelf, three quarters for the freezer.

In the heat the dough was so lively I knocked an hour off the fermentation (three instead of four) and an hour and a half off the proof (just two hours).

To give you an idea of size, the dough is sitting on a 1:1GN baking sheet (530x325mm).

That’s what you call oven-spring.

A good four and a half inches of crumb and not a Dutch Oven in sight. Don’t think we’ll starve.

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2 thoughts on “Eatin’ Bread

  1. Wow Mick, that looks fantastic.
    There’s illness in our family so I’m baking more than we actually need, I find the process very therapeutic. I’m giving loaves to friends and neighbours so that I can bake some more.

    All the best

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