Thanksgiving 2018

Last Thursday was Thanksgiving, of course, so I made my fabulous Thanksgiving Bread for my faithful American customers. But I didn’t get any.

I also made Multigrain and didn’t get any of that either.

Why? After 11 years of baking for sale  I thought I had worked through every mistake possible. Well, I found a new one.

Six years ago when I was 65 I “retired”, cut right back on my customers, reduced the frequency of bakes (down to one a month now), simplified my systems. So now I use the simplest spreadsheet form to record and calculate customer orders:

Last week I added a new customer to the list but didn’t check that the formulas for the totals had automatically adjusted to include the new fields ….

I even double-checked everyone’s order from their txt message to the grid – the numbers are all there but that last Multigrain and Thanksgiving are not in the totals.

Ah well! It was a good bake.  46 large ones and 26 baguettes is plenty for me these days.

Only a year until I get another chance of Thanksgiving Bread …

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