Red Herrings

Every year our friends Pam & Jeremy organise Gwyl Afon Ogwen River Festival – -a community arts festival. In the past I’ve organised a baking competition and put on bread baking demonstrations but nothing for a number of years.

So I thought, you know, fishes, and then, how do you produce a large number of fishes? The answer – crackers – and it certainly is.

First off, add a couple of fish cookie cutters to my collection – nice simple shapes – not like my dragon which is seriously fiddly.

So I experimented using my patent cracker formula:

Some were salt & pepper, some had black onion seed rolled in and some cumin seed.

At the back of my mind was the problem of supplying food to a public event where you have no control once you’ve handed it over – labeling, allergies, children! And that was before I had my brainwave:

Not just beetroot red herrings but:

to have random hot ones using my very own, super hot, chile powder. This took it strictly into the adult realm.

A decision was made just to have them on the bar at the festival evening gig in a child-free environment:

Down at the gig, no children but I hadn’t expected the presence of a small dog. He was a good dog and barked his applause in all the right places but I thought I’d better warn his owner not to feed him the red ones …

No one can say “Bloody Hell” like the Welsh. It’s slow and deliberate with the emphasis on “Blood” and “Hell”, sort of “BLOOD-ee-HELL” – it takes a few seconds to say. I was standing in the crowd at the bar and I heard the guy next to me say to his partner, “BLOOD-ee-HELL!!! that’s hot!”

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