Naturally Gluten Free

kalinte corn 004 small

My sister Anne is seriously allergic to gluten. Unlike the hordes of foodfadists who become Free From rational thought when they hear certain key words, Anne reacts very badly to ingesting gluten (even so-called gluten-free oats bring her out in a rash).

When she comes to stay I try to make breads that don’t contain gluten in the first place. Gluten-free wheat flour is just another processed food. Other gluten-free breads contain so many different ingredients, not to mention factory-made items like xanthan gum, in an attempt to get them to rise that you need an apothecary’s cabinet to store them in and scales that weigh milligrams.

The moon the left is good ole cornbread, the planet is Kalinté, Moroccan gram flour bread. Neither are gluten-free because there isn’t any gluten in maize or chickpeas in the first place.

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