Us elderly people need to take precautions during this prolonged spell of hot weather. One thing we have to take care of is our liquid intake – how to maintain a gentle level of alcohol without becoming too arseholed to get the parasol up. The answer? Sangria – not the brandy laden rocket fuel of the Costas but a simple mix (or rather, unmix) of cold red wine and home-made lemonade.

You don’t know how to make lemonade? Roughly chop an organic lemon and put in a blender with one tablespoon of sugar. Measure out one litre of water. Add about a third of the water to the blender and blitz thoroughly. Strain the mixture through a fine sieve and pour the remaining water through the pulp to wash out the remaining good bits. Chill.

Put the odd ice cube in a tallish glass, fill half the glass with lemonade, add a slice of orange, gently trickle the red wine on top of the ice so that it doesn’t mix with the lemonade.

Traditionally made with Bulgarian red wine from the Spar in the days when it was managed by Eryr and Dennis who would run the bottles to your door before you had time to get back up Penybryn hill. Lemons were more exotic back then …

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