Few months back I bought an interesting banneton from Quivertree on ebay – a tenner delivered which I thought was jolly decent. It’s advertised as a baguette basket but it will take about a kilo of dough.

camp 0003 small

First off, even after all these years, I’m still amazed that a loaf this big can come out of a basket like that.

But sometimes when baking you need to be a big brave boy like when the dough sticks to the basket and eventually flops onto the baking sheet like a giant stripey slug collapsing all the time. Do not hang about for a second –  boldly straighten it up, three quick slashes and into the oven by which time the dough looks like a squashed giant stripey slug and only then reach for the gin bottle.

camp 00097 small

Amazing how they pick themselves up again.

camp 00092 small

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