Write it Down!

That’s what I tell myself. You know all too well that you won’t remember the changes you made to a bread formula next time you come to use it so WRITE IT DOWN!

My sister Anne is coming to Bethesda with her husband Andrew this weekend for his birthday celebration. Quite understandably he decided years ago that Bethesda is the only place to do your birthday. Unlike all these food industry suckers who avoid gluten so they can lay out much more dosh on freeeeee products, Anne has a serious gluten and wheat allergy.

So I pull out Paula Wolfert’s The Food of Morocco to check out some breads that are gluten free naturally (because they’re made of chickpea flour for instance) when out drops a folded sheet of paper:
I obviously took my own advice several years ago and wrote it down. Except I didn’t say what “it” was.  What the hell kind of bread is that?

Some time during the following hours the little light started to flicker. It wasn’t bread at all. It was – Southern Fried Chicken. Top of the column on the left, the marinade ingredients; next section the seasoned flour in which to coat the chicken before frying. The rest of the figures I have no idea about.

So, don’t just write it down. Say what it is.

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