Cloche Encounters I

This was all started by that Jay Butters. He sidled up to me like a dodgy salesman at my birthday party (why yes, it was my 70th birthday the other week, I though you knew?) and muttered out of the side of his mouth, “Can I interest you in a cloche?”, “A what?”, “A cloche. I’ve got a couple in the motor outside.”
A few months ago a pottery opened up on Bethesda High Street called Crochendy Bethesda Pottery appropriately enough. Young Jay had talked the potter, Ian, into making a prototype bread baking cloche. Ian had made two and Jay wanted me to be the other test pilot. OK.
First out, a 400g (loaf weight) Classic.

Second out, a 600g Campagne and the base cracked. Not to worry, that’s why new products are trialed and no one is more trying than me and Jay.

So my model has gone back to the shop. Ian knew what the fault was straight away – a problem with the drying. So he’s going to make some adjustments and maybe a slightly larger base and we’ll test it until it’s perfect.

Excellent addition to Bethesda – Ian & Lesley are really nice people, they actually interact with customers and make beautiful objects at very good prices.

Watch this space.

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