Me, Me, Me!

mickfebI’m going to blow my own TRUMPet (just for a change!).

It’s February 2017 and my photo is on display on the Bread Bakers Guild of America calendar all month. In two weeks time on the 17th I shall be 70 years of age. The microbakery is in its 10th year. We’ve had 10 years of the Bethesdabakin’ weekend event. At least seven of the people who have done Microbakery courses with me have gone on to set up their own small bakeries and there are more in the pipeline. That’s without mentioning the number who have done basic sourdough courses here. Lost track of the number of books and pdf’s I’ve sold all over the world – well over 500. And I’ve completely revised my first sourdough book – now available as a pdf but only a couple of days work away from being published as a Kindle.

And I’m still skint!

Never mind. in a couple of weeks I shall be celebrating in Bethesda. Most of the guests will be bakers – hardly got any civilian friends anymore …


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One thought on “Me, Me, Me!

  1. Let me be one of the first to congratulate you Mick. Nice looking loaf – not bad for an old ‘in! Have a great birthday on the 17th. With kind regards, Barry

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