Rosca de Reyes

As promised:
rosca-001-smallRosca de Reyes, Three Kings Bread, Mexican Epiphany Bread, (06 January Bread).

Only made it once before back in 2011 according to my records. I kept the formula but without any notes and made up the dough while I tried to remember which book the original idea and method came from. Was it a Spanish cookbook or a Mexican? Tracked it down to “Mexican Cookery” by Lourdes Nichols. First serious Mexican cookbook I ever bought back in about 1984 daarn in Shepherds Bush when we lived on Holland Road.

Anyway I rewrote the dough recipe but, having done a lot more enriched doughs since then, I think it could do with a few more adjustments.

Still I don’t think there will be much left of this one …

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5 thoughts on “Rosca de Reyes

  1. Our chum (Son of Vicar) insists that all decorations are down before 12th Night – i.e. on the 5th.
    In the early 80s I was living in Sinclair Road (other side of the tracks), perhaps we elbowed each other grabbing a no. 12 bus or fighting on to the tube…

    1. You want a slice of my Rosca de Reyes you play by my rules!

      I probably blew smoke in your face on the Central Line. We had a friend forced onto public transport one night for some reason who let three trains go by waiting for one with a smoking car not realising that smoking had been banned a couple of years previously.

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