Regular v. Christmas Bread

People often ask me what the difference is between regular bread (Torth Yr Ocar):
date-002-smalland Christmas Bread (Torth Nadolig Yr Ocar):
date-001-smallThe answer: 50p

No, of course I wouldn’t exploit my customers at this holy festive time, would I? There’s the reusable plastic holly – saving the planet don’t come cheap – but it’s worth it. I’m hoping to win the eco-artisan baker award again this year.

Then there’s the pain of parting with the booze. A kilo-and-a-half of dates and sultanas managed to absorb half a bottle of finest Welsh mead, and in the final dough, the usual soya milk was substituted with two litres of Gwynt y Ddraig cider.

But the smiling faces and gushing feedback of the customers make the sacrifices all worthwhile. One customer had to come back the following day to collect a loaf of rye and raved about the Christmas bread – best thing I’d ever made. “Really?” I said. “Are you serious? I must try some myself.”

I really hadn’t sampled it and I really, really must learn to think before I react. Bit late in the day now …

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