Cucking Fups

I hate them. I love the Cheese Board Collective Works book. A cooperative that’s been operating in the States since the mid-60’s has to be something wonderful. But all the recipes are in cups. That includes things like “2/3 cup (1 stick + 3 tbls)”.

So we’re off to see my Mom in Birmingham tomorrow – pre-Christmas visit – and I want to make her some shortbread. Never made any in my life before but I trust the Cheese Board book. I’m not scared of cups – I just weigh the cup measurements and pencil them into the book. 1/2 cup sugar, 1/4 cup salt – scoop and weigh, write down the result. Think, “that’s quite a lot of salt” but carry on. Roll them out, cut them out with my new shiny cookie cutters. Bake, they look lovely. Taste, a bit salty? Check the recipe, 1/4 tsp salt ….

Not a lot you can say really. How long have you been baking?

Made a second batch.

Happy Christmas, Mom.

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