With the obvious exception of Ramblin’ Jack Elliott I gave up having heroes a long time ago. When it comes to bread baking anyone serious should be working consciously or instinctively towards developing their own style so inspiration is one thing, heroes quite another.

Here’s my inspiration:
One Sunday morning in 1999 or 2000 I walk round the corner to the (original) marché municipal d’arcachon and my little heart stops at the sight of this fantastic rustic bread, and serving was the man himself, M. Marc Brion.

Took a couple of years to go and visit him at Le Fournil des Boïens in Biganos at the eastern end of the Basin d’Arcachon:

It’s the simplicity of the approach to good bread that appeals to me – total lack of pretentiousness.

So, an amazing influence without being formally taught anything:
Tomorrow afternoon we will be in Arcachon. Sunday we will be bread shopping in the new marché municipal d’arcachon. M. Brion won’t be there (don’t think he really enjoyed serving) but his stall will be.


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