For several years my main concern was knocking out and selling as many loaves as I could from my little kitchen. These days things are a little more leisurely which is just as well because my knees are pretty well fucked from running up and down stairs with sacks of flour, boxes of dough, full proving baskets, etc. So I have more time to play around with ideas – edible ideas.

I’ve been messing round with challah and the braided shapes from the Jewish tradition – although not beyond three strands yet and not with any serious intent (“traditional” is nearly as dangerous as “authentic” in my book).

Raisin Challah (sultanas actually – I got a load to use up). 50% bread flour/50%wholemeal, only 11% water – the rest of the liquid is starter, eggs, olive oil, honey.

I made a couple of lots of 40g turbans of late so I thought it was time to scale up to an 800g loaf.
strand 001 smallAll you do is roll up from one end tucking the other end underneath when you finish:
coil 001 smallIt naturally forms a dome from the tension of coiling the strand.

Not much movement after 3.5 hours:
proved 001 smallbut it got a coat of egg-wash and into the oven.

baked 001 smallbaked 004 small
Pretty good breakfast:
crumb 001 smallNext time. Increase the hydration a little, maybe reduce the raisins, try an overnight prove.

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