Sausage Toad

I am in my seventieth year. It has been a very long time since I thought that I could have the slightest influence over our national or global destiny. Even if I could influence which political party comprised the UK Government through the ballot box, all governments are in the control of the major corporations, none of them are opposed to globalisation which basically means people are reduced to their market value. The rapid expansion of the EU was just a means of providing cheap labour.

I shall vote in Thursday’s referendum because referenda are the only time your vote counts, simple question of the majority wins. I shall vote out because all the big corporate players want us in. I have no illusions that an out vote will succeed in changing anything. It will just be a minor bump in the road of the globalisation juggernaut.

We might get invaded by the G4S TTIP Implementation Army. But don’t worry, they’ll just be people you know. Local people on zero hours contracts.

A much more serious philosophical question is, is Toad in the Hole a bread within the meaning of the Act? Does it enter the realms of Haute Cuisine if accompanied by Onion Gravy flavoured with Creme de Cassis, Worcestershire Sauce and Torres Brandy?
toad 001 small

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