Eat Less Bread

less breadThat’s what Nurse Bethan said yesterday and Hilary, the pharmacist who makes bread herself said, “Moderation in all things. You don’t do moderation though do you Mick?”. The thought of having an immoderate image cheered me up a bit.

You see, they’ve captured me for a second time. Back in 1992 I walked into the surgery – I suppose they spotted that I was coming on 45 and a little out of breath – and they grabbed me, took my blood pressure and told me I was giving up smoking. Sue backed them up. I had no choice.

At least that was the start of me making bread. Now 24 years later they want me to stop. Alright, I exaggerate – they say I’ve got Type 2 diabetes and I want sympathy. But anyone I tell has got a worse story. And since I’ve checked out a few things on the net it seems I don’t particularly have to give up anything – just ingest things in moderation. I really hate moderation.

One good thing. The thought of having to eat whole grains is pretty doomy to a lot of people. Sounds pretty good to me.

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4 thoughts on “Eat Less Bread

  1. Mick, not to go overboard obviously, but big sympathies for the diabetes rubbish. More wholegrain? Like you say, hardly a chore 🙂

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