A Little Less Hot

Cool Chile Co haven’t had chipotles in stock for months and I finally got round to phoning to see why. The EU have banned the import of chipotle chiles from Mexico. How come I didn’t know this? Why wasn’t I told? Where are the street protests? What’s more, the suggestion is that the problem will not be resolved for several YEARS.

Apparently new tests show that chipotles contain higher levels of anthraquinone than are permitted under EU regulations. Anthraquinone is also found in rhubarb and is used in laxatives neither of which have been banned.

So, what is a boy to do? Ordered a kilo of jalapenos from South Devon Chile Farm and a kilo of pecan wood chips from Weber and fired up the barbie.
chipotle 001small

Smoked them gently for three hours followed by about thirty hours in the dehydrator. Then yesterday turned them into chipotles en adobo.
chipotle 005 smallLot of work for two jars. But last years stocks are getting dangerously low.

The verdict: Not bad but it doesn’t have as much heat nor the depth of smokey richness that the last batch made with Mexican chiles. If I didn’t have last year’s to compare it with I’d probably be happier with it.

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