Breaking the Rules

Look at this then:
fastbread 001 smallPain de Campagne you say. Seen it before. So what …

This weekend was my Mom’s 94th birthday so Sue and I went to celebrate with her. Saturday morning refreshed my starter and  put it in the fridge – normally it lives on the countertop.

Had two days trying to keep up with my Mom’s stamina:
mom 0093 smallGot home Monday evening, short of bread. Took the starter out of the fridge, mixed the campagne dough, gave it three short kneads over ten minutes, brief rest, shaped the dough, put it in a basket, left it on the counter until 7.00 a.m.

Turned on the oven, put the dough straight in, 50 minutes later, voila:
fastbread 002 smallNot bad volume.

Not recommending you break so many rules at once but it’s always worth a go.

P.S. This blog welcomes comments. I’m happy to argue with anyone.

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