No Knee(d) Bread

If you think I’ve been quiet for the last several weeks you should talk to Sue. She would tell you there’s been nothing  but moans and groans, whining and complaining from me since I last posted here. It’s my knee. It died last time I did a big bake. You know what these aches and pains are like: you wait for them to go away and they don’t, you eventually go to the doctor who says these things usually clear up naturally but have a week’s course of anti-inflammatories. Two weeks later it’s still as bad so you go and see another doctor who sends you off for x-rays. A week later the results are back. The doctor says your knee is inflamed, I’ll put you on anti-inflammatories for four weeks. Two weeks on …..

Two weeks on some progress has finally been made. I got the bus all on my own to Bangor, had a pint of Old Rosie in Wetherspoons and did a bit of shopping. I was delerious with excitement!

But it’s about seven weeks since I did a proper bake and I think I have to make some changes to my routine if I’m going to continue small scale production. We shall see.

I have been doing some bits and pieces. Friends got married on Sunday and I spent about a week assembling breads for the reception.
knacke 004 smallAbout 60 Knackebrod – three different types.

foc 01 smallfoc 02 smallA rather large focaccia.
bread 005 smallAuvergnats and Couronne Bordelaise.
danish 001 small2K Simple Danish Rye. Plus loads of bread sticks.

Worth getting married for (that’s what I told them).

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5 thoughts on “No Knee(d) Bread

  1. Mick – sorry to hear about your knee. It always surpises me how tough physically a big bake is and I’m reminded every time I do a market. It’s the smiles on their faces when you hand them a loaf that keeps me going but…

    The various bakes look great and such variety – could you let me have the formula for your Danish Rye? I’ve been trying to get one sorted ever since a trip to Copenhagen last year.

    Off to Stockholm next week -so time for some Knackebrod if I’m not too knackered!

    All the best to you both,

  2. Hi Mick, been meaning to contact you to say à big thank you for the fun and great bread the course
    continues to give me, had a megabake and stocked the freezer earlier this week. Sorry to hear about your knee problems, your site makes a really good read and I feel inspired to try something different next bake in, I regularly bake your classic sourdough, pain de campagne and pizza but I must break out into something more exotic ….. Bella

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