Have you seen the muffin, Man?

After all these years of making bread, I never made a muffin. But I’m planning a TexMex birthday brunch for a few people next Sunday and Robb Walsh has a recipe for Huevos Benedictos where the Hollandaise Sauce takes on some chipotle and refried beans come into the equation. So I look for muffin recipes and The Cheeseboard Collective Works, one of my favourite books even if it is all spoons and cups, had the answer.
muffin crust 001 smallerI used my most basic white sourdough formula – Strong White  Flour 100%, Water 59%, Starter 26.4%, Salt 1.5%. Fermented at room temperature for four hours, folded every hour. Then, pressed out the dough into a rectangle about ¾ inch thick, cut 3 inch rounds with a floured glass. Proved the rounds on a baking sheet liberally dusted with corn meal for two hours. Heated a baking stone on a low gas for five minutes. Dusted the baking stone with corn meal, cooked the rounds for 10 minutes either side. Easy or what?
muffin crumb 001 smaller


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