Christmas Presents II

2014 was the year of the barbie – last year’s Christmas present was put to good use throughout the year including Christmas Day itself:
boef 002 smallIt was a fabulous day and the turkey was a slow smoked rib of beef.

But this year’s present – after some heavy hints – was an Emile Henry pizza stone designed for use in the barbie. You see the more the barbie is in use the more I can drink cocktails in the garden.

It’s only a toy really – I think you can get a better pizza (or just as good) using a steel baking sheet than you can with a stone – but it is a beautiful toy. Haven’t tried it over charcoal yet but have used it in the oven a couple of times:
stone 001 smallpiz 006 smallThat’s a big-boy 400g pizza base using a fairly low hydration dough with a bit of oil in it. Next to try a decent wet dough ….

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