Browsing through the baking books on Kindle last night and I came across “Baking Real Sourdough Bread” by Dragan Matijevic & Penny Williams. I don’t need another bread book but at under £2.00 it had to be worth looking at. On first skim it looks like a pretty good sourdough introduction but (you knew I was going to say “but”) “These recipes include a tiny percentage of baker’s quick yeast. This is not essential to sourdough production , but it helps give more consistent and controlled results, which particularly useful for beginners. Purists may prefer to omit this!”

I know I’m a mad, fanatic, out-of-control purist and old and grumpy to boot (at least that’s what my Mom says), but aren’t there some basics that define sourdough?

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6 thoughts on “Sourdough?

  1. I agree you’d think so, and unofficially I’d say actually there are certain aspects… however officially its simply a free-for-all, wild-west territory, anything goes maelstrom.

  2. Well, Ms Possum, with sourdough no two loaves are exactly the same. But in my experience the results are consistent.I mean I might get the odd splurge, but no great shocks.

    Mike, why the rush, there’s always tomorrow. And if you add commercial yeast, the end product is not sourdough.

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