Pommes d’Amour

Remember Woolworths? A lot of years ago I bought Sue an apple tree as a valentine from Woolworths and brought it back on the bus from Bangor. Produces lovely sharp Coxes some of which we keep till New Year to use in Faisin a la Normande. Our neighbours provide the pheasants.

Anyway, Marcus was recently asking if I had a recipe for apple bread which reminded me I haven’t done it the proper way for years.

1. Chop an apple and put it in a jar with water and a little sugar. Leave it a couple of weeks to start fermenting:
apple 001 smallapple 002 small2. Drain off some of the liquid and mix it with an equal weight of flour:
starter 1 21.10 small3. Twenty four hours later:
starter 2 22.10 smallAnyone want to place a bet?

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