One Mans Cojones …

… is another mans bollocks. But, you know, after all this fishy stuff, we had to go for some macho red meat:
tbone 001.jpg smallI know that doesn’t look very big but that is a T-Bone steak weighing just over a kilo and, as I had to admit to Sue, it cost 26 euros. It wasn’t really what I wanted – I was after a piece of beef half the length and twice the thickness that could be cooked partly by direct grilling and partly off the charcoal. But I try to explain this to Tony,  of Chez Tony on the market, in my limited French and he thinks “the boy wants steak” and what is the boy to do on his last day in France?
tbone 002.jpg smallAnyway, it was pretty good and half of it came back to Bethesda in cabin luggage, was shreaded and cooked in Salsa Fuego (previously bottled by me) yesterday and became Tex/Mex with esquites, guacamole and plain rice.

Oh well, better start baking bread again …

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