Seriously, though

As you might have noticed, I find it difficult not to be flippant about things. But, if you could have come to Bethesdabakin’ at Mairs this year and didn’t you should consider the matter before next year comes around. Ignoring the venue and set up this year, where else could you spend two days baking with such knowledgeable, adventurous and friendly bakers, essentially for free (shared costs of £70 for food, ingredients, use of equipment – free camping).

Then there’s this year’s added bonus of using Rick & Maggie’s unique bakery, getting to bake in that amazing Alan Scott oven and the privilege of witnessing Rick’s skill and knowledge of oven management.
peel 004aEven though Rick & Maggie are off all mains utilities, generate their own electricity (sometimes! – it was in short supply that weekend), burn sustainable wood in the oven and are registered organic producers, unlike our nettle gathering friends in Somerset, they don’t feel the need to boast about being eco/artisan bakers.
rick maggie marcus

Jury’s definitely out in this picture

rick 007He’s almost likeable when you get used to him.
stig 008And he’ll give anyone advice

(I knew I couldn’t keep this up …)

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