This time it’s Stig’s fault. She emailed and asked if I had a Hot Cross Bun recipe and I thought Sue really likes them and I haven’t made any for years and I’ve been a bit of an old ratbag recently so I better make some myself.

Saturday morning and I haven’t refreshed my starter since Thursday so I decide to use half white and half rye starter  – not at all sure of the logic for doing this but there you go. Did lots of folds during bulk fermentation to try to liven it up – it seemed to be happy to be working.
hcb 007 smallJust ate one – it was pretty good.

Bit late now but Easter’s only a year away so here’s an early egg:
Strong White: 57.3%
Wholemeal: 42.7%
Starter: 35.3%
Milk: 42.1%
Eggs: 21.6%
Honey: 11.4%
Butter: 19.0%
Spice: 3.4%
Salt: 1.7%
Currants: 21.8%

The spice mix is nutmeg, allspice, cinnamon, cloves, ginger.

Four hours fermentation, scale at 80g, three hours prove.

Glaze with egg white before baking and brush with a lemon juice/honey mix at 2:1 straight from the oven.

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3 thoughts on “HCBs

  1. Hi Mick
    Anna decided she wanted to make some HCBs and I managed to resist giving her advice on how to improve the recipe from Good Housekeeping! We now have a packet of dried yeast on the shelf. They came out well though and were complemented by home made butter and friend’s home made jam. I made what might have been the only egg shaped brioche.

  2. I have some kefir grains and can make “cultured butter” by blending some of the kefir into the cream and leaving it for 24 hours and it then only then takes 5-10 minutes of shaking the cream for it to separate. The kefir whey makes great bread as well and the brioche I made had the cultured butter and the buttermilk which gives it an extra lift. I’ve just about enough time for the full time job!

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