Microbakery – BBC Food Programme (1)

Do a two day Microbakery Course with me and become a radio star!!

At the end of 2001 Albert Smith was a virtually unknown baker wanting to start a small business and naturally came to me to learn how to set up and run a Microbakery. Today, just over two years later,  he was featured on Radio 4’s Food Programme as an example of small bakery success!!

Not to mention “Microbakin'” the only book about setting up a small bakery at home – available only from me.

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6 thoughts on “Microbakery – BBC Food Programme (1)

  1. Hi, I caught the item on the Food Programme and it set off a train of thought, hence coming across your blog. A micro bakery – I like the idea. My partner and I both run our own businesses and were just discussing ideas about another business. We both enjoy bread making, have an aga which is on 24/7 and live in a small town………………………………………………

  2. That’s fine so long as you realise that that baking for sale is not like home baking. It’s hard, long hours and messy. You have to love, have a deep relationship with and feeling for dough.

    1. Point taken…..but it could be argued that hard work, committment and passion are common to any successful small business. Anyway have begun a starter. This time next year Rodney…………..

  3. I also heard the food programme show the other day. I am now incredbly keen to find out as much as I can to assess if a microbakery might be a goer fme, as a 2 or 3 day a week venture. Your systems sound superb, not to mention your recipes. I’ve only made sourdough a handful of times but I’m such a fan of it!!!” Can I buy your book Microbakin’ from this site? Your knowledge & experience sound essential!!

  4. Anyone who wants to buy books or enquire about courses can contact me using the contact box on the home page. I just need to know what you want and where you are so I can add the correct p&p to the price.
    Pdf’s are £2 less than the book price.

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