That Dough Again

Nothing to complain about this week I’m afraid. Four books sold to Iceland, West Sussex, Texas and Ipswich, another awaiting confirmation from someone on an airbase somewhere in Turkey. Picked up a bakery consultancy gig.
box close 001 smallThis meant my pizza dough stayed in the fridge for a third day.
box 001 smallbox 002 smallKnocked it back:
box 003 smallGave it a couple of stretches in the course of an hour. Removed 180g x 2 for pizzas – pressed the rest out in an oiled tray. Proved the pizzas for about an hour and a half:
pizza 001 smallProved the remaining dough for about another hour. Then cut the rectangle into four strips, stretched them straight onto a floured baking sheet and into oven.
stretched smallThey ain’t pretty but they make fabulous baguettes:
baked 001 smallcrumb 001 smallAnd, as you can see, once again it’s sunny in Slate City.

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5 thoughts on “That Dough Again

  1. You can’t beat long fermented baguettes, though I have not been brave enough to go past 36 hrs. Nice bread, pizza looks good too.

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