A Self-Congratulatory Interlude

I get lots of positive feedback from people who buy my books but occasionally I get one that you couldn’t pay for from Saatchi & Saatchi. Matt from Canada bought both books just before Christmas and says:

I just wanted to say thanks for the books!  I really enjoyed your writing style.  Where the narrative was important, you added your own flare, and where you needed to get technical, you put things simply without sugar-coating.  Too many of the baking books I have try to skip and dance around the math, like it was somehow difficult!  I’ve read pages upon pages in The Bread Bible about how to work with sourdough starters and I could not figure it out; you put it in a few bullet points and suddenly it all made sense!  I enjoyed your frankness about the difficulties in starting up and life lessons.  And, frankly, your spreadsheets are brilliant!  The one for the bakers’ percentage left me wondering why I hadn’t thought of that.  The only thing that disappointed me is that you didn’t know Canadians had a Thanksgiving!  In all fairness, we don’t give it the same weight the Americans do.  Anyhow, thanks again!

Couldn’t have made it up myself.

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