Haven’t quite got rid of the festive season yet because our good friends Kathy & Dave bought me a bag of Palestinian freekeh for Christmas. Freekeh is what the Germans call Grünkern, green wheat that is roasted in a kiln. It has a very grassy and slightly smokey flavour.

My first thought was Grünkern Karottenbrot from Nils Schoener’s Brot: Bread Notes From A Floury German Kitchen which I haven’t made for years. (Whatever happened to Nils? Apart from the book, his blog – – remains a little goldmine.)

This freekeh came in a broken grain format like bulgur for making pilafs but my Kenwood mill attachment soon turned it into course meal for a soaker.

grun 003 small50% wheat flour, 50% wholemeal rye + grated carrot, rye starter. 2 hours prove. Slow riser – got bored after 4.5 hours and, as it had very clearly moved, whacked it in the oven.
grun 006 smallI can assure you the bread is much more exciting than the photos.

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