Quark Stollen 2

Here’s a sourdough version.

(Final Dough is bakers percentage; Starter & Soaker are straight percentages of the totals in the Final Dough)

Final Dough
Strong White Flour 100%
Starter 118.5%
Butter 45%
Salt 0.7%
Sugar 4.5%
Soaker 82.4%

Starter 27%
Milk 27%
Quark 19%
Strong White Flour 27%

Currents 15.4%
Raisins 21%
Candied Peel 16.5%
Dark Rum 23%
Orange Juice 24.7%
stollen 3 small


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3 Responses to Quark Stollen 2

  1. rowmarcus says:

    Cheers for that Mick! Now, being honest, would you say the baking soda or the sourdough one was actually better? If you can be truly objective of course? 🙂

  2. Objectivity have I none. You’d better make both.
    Mind you, you have to admit it’s handy to have an instant rising stollen up your cassock.

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