They say that the two most stressful situations in life are moving home and the breakdown of a relationship. They have never sat waiting for a book to come back from the printers. I don’t mean from the publishers. I mean when you’ve put up your own money, it’s all your own work, there’s no one blame but yourself and it will be delivered within 48 hours and, despite being able to track the delivery, you don’t know if that means today or tomorrow.

I’m waiting for Bara Blas, the new Welsh language edition of Bethesdabasics, to arrive and if Parcelforce is performing normally it should be tomorrow.

So here’s the baking equivalent of watching paint dry, a maturing bucket of starter – note the clock:
starter am smallstarter pm smallRiveting isn’t it.

Oh, no. A knock at the door! It couldn’t be a day early??!!!

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